Where is my child? Did my parents reach their destination? How far is my mother? Where are my friends? What if my elderly and sick parent ever leaves home and gets lost?

Are these questions familiar to you and do you ask yourself often? Staysafe is the guardian angel that solves everything. It is a smart mobile app that frees us from those daily worries that we all have when it comes to our friends and loved ones.

With Staysafe you are in complete control of who you can see and locate and who can see and locate you, since you choose who you want to connect with.

Moreover, Staysafe enables you to communicate directly even when you are in a place where you cannot talk on the mobile phone. You can send a message (using the in-app message function) to a family member (who will receive a notification) while you are at a show, lecture, or presentation.

But what if you are in danger or need immediate help?

For example, you are in a foreign city and lost, or you are hurt skiing and need help.

Just press the Panic button and your family members will get a notification on their app, they’ll know you’re in trouble and they will rush to your exact location to help you.

But Staysafe doesn’t just find people. If, for example, your car has been stolen or you’ve been to a concert and you parked your car in a huge parking lot with thousands of other cars and you can’t locate it, just open the app, look on the map and go to the location indicated by the app (simply place a mobile with the app inside your car)

Available for Android and iOS

Available on App Store and Play Store
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Download Staysafe and

With Staysafe you are in complete control of who you can see and locate and who can see and locate you

ensure your peace of mind for the safety of your loved ones
have no need to make annoying calls to your children or relatives to know where they are
don’t worry about your vehicle
at the push of a button you know where your friends are and you simply go to meet them

Staysafe Uses

With Staysafe you are in complete control of who you can see and locate and who can see and locate you

For family

Want to know where your children are? Are your elderly parents traveling and you worry about their whereabouts? Find them with Staysafe!

Are you at risk?

With Staysafe’s PANIC BUTTON, send an alert that you need help! Your default contacts will be notified that you are in danger as well as your exact location so they can come to you.

For friends

Trying to locate your friends? Want to guide someone to your meeting point? Do you want to send a message – notification to your friends? Use Staysafe!

For vehicles

Locate your lost or stolen vehicle. Download Staysafe on a simple cell phone and place it inside your car. Then use your phone to locate your car!

Why choose Staysafe

With Staysafe you are in complete control of who you can see and locate and who can see and locate you

It is addressed to everyone

The feeling of safety of ourselves and of those we love and care about is a need that does not discriminate. It concerns all of us!

Android and iOS compatible

Staysafe can work on both iOS and Android mobiles. Just download it from AppStore or Google Play Store respectively

Low battery and data consumption

Staysafe is intelligently designed to consume minimal data and battery that after installing it on your mobile, you won’t notice any difference in its operation and battery life.

Simple and easy to use

No special skills are required. Staysafe was designed to be user-friendly, even for the most inexperienced mobile phone users.

The whole family together

After installing the app, you can add your family members and make sure they are always safe.

Operation even without internet connection

Is a member of your family offline? No problem! Even offline, Stay Safe records data that you can view as soon as the internet connection is restored.

Staysafe functions

With Staysafe you are in complete control of who you can see and locate and who can see and locate you

Real-time tracking

Nowadays, we all use our mobile phone not only to communicate but also for many other functions and therefore we always carry it with us. Having Stay Safe installed on the mobile phone of the people you care about, you will have peace of mind because you will be able to always know and in real time, where they are and that they are safe.

Locations history

You can easily and quickly see the places that members of your family / group have been to as far back as 30 days.


You can set a specific place (school, dance school, square, etc.) and when a person you have chosen moves away from it, you receive a notification.

Risk alert

If someone is in danger or needs help, by pressing the SOS button in the application, they can immediately and simultaneously notify the rest of the family to come to their aid.

Send a message

You can send a text message to any member of your family you wish.

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Available for Android and iOS

Available on the App Store and Google Play Store

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